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www.dayu68.com online portal is the preeminent information exchange and resource center for global audiences seeking to do business and travel within and outside Africa. The web portal is designed to promote business opportunities, financial solutions, e-learning solutions, travel & tour products and web hosting services accros africa.
Our vision is to foster unity and harmony through collaboration in the sectors of Technology, Financial Solutions, Trade, Travel, e-Learning and web hosting solutions.
Our aspiration is to provide our clients access to relevant information, business opportunities and services that will enable them to collaborate, trade, travel, communicate as well as obtain financial solutions that are relevant to their core business objectives.



Business leads and opportunities listed on our portal are well researched and scrutinized for credibility to the best of our ability by our team of experts. We also advise all interested parties to engage in their own due diligence on all prospective listings to ascertain relevant information that would be needed in the decision-making process.

Our team of Our experts have extensive business experience and the relevant skill set to execute and assist our clients arrange, scrutinize and process projects as well as provide any services offered within the scope of our business.
The scope of our business offered as segments on our portal includes, but not limited the following financial solutions, trade listings through the Deal masters listings, travel/tourism portal and e-learning portal to mention but a few.


Get Your projects off the ground with the right financial Partner and financing

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Experience your Africa travel with the the right tour and travel partners

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